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Herbs: Sutera 'Lavender Storm'

Botanical name: Sutera 'Lavender Storm'

Common name: water hyssop

also known as (Bacopa 'Lavender Storm')

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Bacopa, 'Lavendar Storm'
Photo credit: ladybug
Herbs: Sutera 'Lavender Storm'
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Germantown, Tn

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Soil: damp, acidic, sand
Zones: 9a thru 10b

butterfly attracting

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description for "Herbs: Sutera 'Lavender Storm'"

Purple rain, well no, but how about a 'Lavender Storm'. The pale lavender blooms of this bacopa are thunderous in the way they lighten(ing) up the garden. 'Lavender Storm' has a much better growth habit and heat and disease tolerance than the older forms of 'Pink Domino' and 'Mauve Mist'. Soft lavender flowers bloom against a background of rich green foliage and trailing stems. A very adaptable and versatile plant that thrives in partial shade to full sun. Excellent for hanging baskets, mixed plantings, as a ground cover or in flower beds. A little shade is recommended for hot, dry climates. Well drained soils are best. Very low growing with a spreading growth habit. Height is 6-8 inches. Frost tolerant to 28 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep moist, especially in hotter areas. If plants become too dry, flowers will drop off. Do not overwater if planted in the shade. Trimming and pruning is okay when needed but not necessary to maintain continual flowering. Sutera 'Lavender Storm' is similar to Sutera 'Snowstorm' only differing in that it has soft lavender flowers that are slightly smaller and it doesn't trail quite as long. Durable and disease resistant, these are tough enough to weather any storm. Used in patio pots and baskets, their magnificent creeping growth habit rains down the sides to cover the container. -- edited by dtd pbcouchman

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