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These links are from sites that we dig. They are also from some people who helped us along the way.


cooking blogs

  • 101 cookbooks. This is just the most beautiful blog I have seen in a while. The pictures are insane and the recipes make you drool. After you grow veggies in your garden go to this site to make something out of them other than stir-fry.

food blogs

  • Dishola - Reviews by the Dish. Great foodie site! We've received some great advice and inspiration from these folks. And, how cool is it to see reviews by the dish??

gardening blogs

  • A small holder's diary. Mark runs this fun blog about gardening, cats and has recipes throughout.
  • digging. An Austin-area blog with stunning photography with garden themes.
  • Flora Grubb Gardens - The Blog. This is a great blog to see cutting edge garden design... be sure to check out the cool examples of vertical gardening!
  • Flower Garden Girl. A gardening blog with tons and tons of information and interviews!
  • Gardenista. An Austin-area blog that's right up our alley, with themes of sustainable living and eating locally.
  • Home Garden Ideas. Colleen, a passionate gardener talks about her experiences in her new blog.
  • Idaho Gardener. A gardening blog by a super cool lady in Boise, ID. She also is known as the "Dirt Diva" for The River Radio 94.9 in Boise. What a rockstar!
  • Mooseys Country Garden. This is a funny site from New Zealand run by "moosey" the head gardener and her son "eggy". They have tons of information about everything from A to Z with lots of humor splashed in. Great place to roam
  • The Obsessive Neurotic Gardener. Who knew that you could laugh out loud about gardening? The Obsessive Neurotic Gardener does, and his blog is a great testament to how gardening is just plain fun.
  • Veggie Gardener. This website is chock full of great ideas and tips for your vegetable garden. A contributor to Dig The Dirt, Tee Riddle the mastermind behind this website bring us all amazingly helpful ways to get great food from our gardens.
  • Bonnie is one cool lady- her blog has a huge amount of information and beautiful pictures. She says her blog is, "Cultivating the best of gardening, vintage containers, home-grown food, and the vineyard lifestyle."
  • Zanthan Gardens. One of the oldest garden blogs in Texas.

Kids gardening blogs

  • Carrots and Kids. This blog is amazing if you have kids and are looking for great gardening projects to do with them. The pictures are amazing and it is really a fun blog.

Sustainable Living Blogs

  • The Ward House. This blog is all about the three R's. Annette is a thoughtful and thought provoking writer giving tons of information about being a self sustaining household with two teenagers. Living in Hot Springs, VA she gives us a great sense of what life might be like if we all did our little part.
  • Your Green Ability. A great resource for Green News, Alternative Energy Ideas and Eco- Products.