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The Mercer Island Urban Farming Network is dedicated to creating a network of people interested in Urban Farming, sustainable living, and being a part of a healthy and involved community.

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February 13, 2010


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Mercer island, Wa 98040

garden wall

Country Village Day School is building 9 vegetable beds on Saturday March 13th.
FigTree commented on 03/03/10
5 beds being built @ Lakeridge elementary on May 8th!!! Another great edible addition to this awesome community :)
FigTree commented on 03/02/10
Rita, this is awesome information! And the offer for a free consultation is terrific, so hopefully people will look into the wildlife habitat option and take you up on it! <br/>
Kim commented on 02/24/10
Want to learn more about what native plants? Here are some links: <br/> <br/>--Database of western WA native plants for gardens and restoration: <br/> <br/>--Why use native plants? <br/> <br/>--Pacific NW plants and the birds that use them: <br/> <br/>--Selected native plants for western WA gardens: <br/> <br/>If anyone has questions about western WA native plants, please contact me. If you live on Merceer Island I will also give you a free consult, at your garden, on adding native plants your landscaping IF you certify your yard as wildlife habitat with the National Wildlife Federation: <br/>
Rita commented on 02/23/10
Great information Rita! Hey, can you put this in a post? It's great info that people outside this group would love to see! Just go to your profile, click on the Contributions tab, and then click the link "Create a new contribution"... This creates an article or post in the system, which you can then publish to multiple places on the site such as this group, a particular plant category or another topic hub like "nature's garden" or "garden design"...
chief cultivator replied: on 02/23/10
I have very little sun so vegetables are out. I do, however, plant native western Washington plants in my yard to create wildlife habitat. Anyone else interested in improving wildlife habitat in their yards? I can help out with information on how to do it. Plus natives don&#x27;t need watering once established and we can also eat many of the berries.
Rita commented on 02/22/10
definitely interested in natives- what would you say are the best 2 plants to have in your garden to help out with wildlife?
FigTree replied: on 02/23/10
Any information on natives could be posted in the blog above-- just click on posts, and then you can add a new contribution to this group's blog!
FigTree replied: on 02/23/10
I sent everyone listed as in Mercer island an invitation today... hope that helps get our group going, but it is time consuming to do it that way.
Kim commented on 02/21/10
Anne Hritzay is a member but not showing up as part of the mercer island farm network group. We&#x27;d like a way to link all Mercer island members to this group!! Hopefully Cliff can figure out how to do this task, or tell us how to make the link? <br/>
Kim commented on 02/21/10
Yes! We're thinking about the best way to organize this. Right now the way the site works, a member has to join the group; so, Anne is a member but she hasn't joined this group yet. We're thinking about some sort of a way to recommend members based on where they live, and then you can send them an invite to join! More on this soon... in the meantime, I think Kaarina sent a message to Anne to join the group!
chief cultivator replied: on 02/21/10
Please contact me if there are any questions about this group!
FigTree commented on 02/19/10
I&#x27;m thinking about expanding my vegetable garden from a couple of pots to a raised bed... Anyone have an easy way to do this?
nematode commented on 02/19/10
Its super easy! I just did it a month ago :-) Check out this article for easy step by step:
chief cultivator replied: on 02/19/10