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okay gardeners, any mystery plants out there needing identification? <br/>Let&#x27;s play &quot;NAME THAT PLANT!&quot;
cajunbarry commented on 11/03/09
Hi folks! I put up a plant in the gallery here - yellow wildflowers that are prolific around Central Texas beginning in mid - October and still going.... Any ideas? I thought it was zexmenia but the I think the leaves are too wide. Another suggestion is Golden Eyes (Viguiera cordifolia or Viguiera dentata.) Anybody know?
gardengirl replied: on 11/15/09
I'll bet it is golden eye...the hybridized ones are most often called "bidens". By the way, it is amazing what came up after the rains here in Austin. I have dozens of Verbascum seedlings all over my yard this year. I also had an eggplant that I swear sat dormant for three years before popping back up after the deluges and is producing fruit! It was soooo hot and dry this summer, I thought it would never end and felt sorry for so many dying trees and plants.
cajunbarry replied: on 11/21/09