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After killing many roses, I became a convert to the Knock Out Rose and have super success. <br/> <br/>I live for my Sunny Knock Out Rose! It almost never stops! Or the Original.. Can&#x27;t go wrong with a classic K-O. <br/> <br/>Which knock out is your favorite? Post pi

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October 28, 2009


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I like the Double KO best, but also like White Out. Though it just missed the Knock Out cut in its last field test, the habit is very similar to the Double, except for single white blooms.
bloomindesigns commented on 06/14/10
About 5 years ago, I ripped out all my labor intensive, monetary expensive roses and gave them away. I replanted with Knock out roses everywhere! I kept some of the easier older roses like Bonica, zephirine Droughin, climbing iceberg and New Dawn. People always stop me when walking by and comment on the roses asking &quot;How do you do it&quot;. I always tell them anyone can do it with Knock Out Roses. They smile and nod their head and when they walk away, I know they still don&#x27;t believe how easy it is to do!!
safeharbor commented on 05/22/10
I just bought my first knock out rose after seeing them bloom everywhere in town! I am going to plant it today and look forward to the prolific blooms!!
gardengirl commented on 04/22/10
My favorites are the double knockout roses -- Rosa &#x27;Radtko&#x27; and Rosa &#x27;Radtkopink.&#x27; I&#x27;ll be posting pics as soon as i get a chance.
Daylilyjoy commented on 10/29/09