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Deer are cute - but they DESTROY join



Got deer? Let&#x27;s talk tactics. Spray? Fence? Zapper? Pistola? None of the above and it&#x27;s them you love? <br/> <br/>After trying a bunch of ways to chase them away - one tactic works for me.

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October 28, 2009


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garden wall

I have used the hair around our beds that don&#x27;t have a fence. It does work, but it&#x27;s a little weird! It&#x27;s shocking to find locks of hair around periodically....
gardengirl commented on 04/22/10
I think it&#x27;s a before the use of it thing... also someone told me that they take hair from a hairdressing salon and sprinkle it around their property and that keeps the deer away. A little weird but creative!
dig the dirt editor commented on 04/01/10
I have been using Liquid Fence and it works ... until it rains ... but I guess to combat the deer it requires effort ... curious about the dryer sheets though ... wonder if they work post rumble in the dryer?
jmarkowski commented on 04/01/10
Just read about the old- cut up dryer sheets and sprinkle them around plants... does this work for anyone really?
FigTree commented on 10/28/09