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October 28, 2009


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Right before Thanksgiving The Imagine School wanted a Master Gardener to talk on composting. They were doing a day of Heritage Harvest,about gardening and raising food back in Pilgrims time and our era,organically. I brought my trusty worm bins (full of red wigglers) and discussed the virtues of vermiculture. The grades were kindergarten through seventh so I had to change the delivery with each class. The talk was 15 minutes per class and I spoke from 9 until 2 and about lost my voice! They loved it though! Their fave part was the stitching and tag from my hubby's T shirt. It still said DISNEY on it. I explained how I placed his wet GRUMPY t-shirt on top and in a few weeks the stitching and tag was all that was left. I am lovingly dubbed Worm Woman around town.
blondeponder commented on 12/02/10
Hi! I just completed my course work with the Travis County program (Austin, TX) and am now an intern ready to get started with the volunteer hours! I am so excited about becoming a Master Gardener and look forward to learning more.
gardengirl commented on 12/01/10
I've been a Kitsap County (Washington) Master Gardener since 2004. I moved to Clark County (Washington) two years ago. What a difference moving 180 miles south makes in gardening. It will be great to compare notes and share experiences.
LB 'Couve commented on 05/19/10
We will be meeting at my house this month for a tour. April was extremely busy with Sustainable Living Expo, Earth Day, and Epcot's International Flower Show!
blondeponder commented on 05/04/10