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This is a private group for the whole alumni gang! Come re-connect and help build the next great online gardening site!

Group since:

September 30, 2009


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Hey folks... are you connected with any of the old gang? If so, please reach out, have them set up a profile on the site, and join the group! We need to get some activity going!
chief cultivator commented on 02/02/10
Most excellent. :)
monkeygod commented on 10/21/09
DUDE! Where y'at? So good to touch base after all these years, a little ironic that it would be here. I will never forget the word KEWL, which I really think you and Arvesen made up... lots o' catching up to do, are you in Austin? I have made contact with a few of the old school chatters from I am also a proud homeowner of the 78704 kind. "Monkeygod" is perfect. later, barry landry jones
cajunbarry replied: on 10/21/09
I'm still in Pflugerville. has a few links to me. Facebook is my current addiction, so you will find me there more often than not. Sam is also on Facebook, and a senior brown belt in Taekwondo. You're talkin' one proud daddy! :)
monkeygod replied: on 10/22/09
Right On! <br/>
cajunbarry commented on 10/02/09
Welcome Barry! Let&#x27;s try to get all the family online :-)
chief cultivator commented on 10/02/09
Calling all Alumni! It&#x27;s time to bring an amazing gardening web site back online, and we need your help! There&#x27;s no better group of people to hel[ jump-start this community and get things rocking. So, if you have emails of any past alums, send them to, have them set up a profile, and join the Alumni Group.
chief cultivator commented on 10/01/09