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Peonies are cool climate Spring blooming plants that produce large beautiful flowers in a rainbow of colors. Not only will you love the peonies in your garden, but they will bring loads of joy to your home, as these plants are perfect for elegant flower arrangements.

Who can deny the legendary allure of peonies? For many gardeners, these buxom beauties are a perfect flower -- and a perennial favorite.

Although new modern hybrid peonies are born each year, they are descendants of peonies that originated in China and Japan in the sixth and seventh centuries. As ancient perennials, they have long been favored for their blooms as well as their sturdy foliage that looks good throughout the growing season.

The two main types of peonies -- tree and herbaceous peonies -- bloom in succession and complement each other perfectly. Tree peonies blossom for 2 to 3 weeks from mid-April to early June in the Northeast, and from early March to late April in northern California. Herbaceous peonies bloom about 2 weeks later.

The fragrant, heavy blooms of the peony are one of the most luxurious of all garden flowers. Their blooms are excessive in size and number of petals. And a small bouquet can effortlessly scent an entire room. You'd think for all this beauty, grace and fragrance, that you'd either have to spent a lot of time fawning over the plants--but not so. These lovely ladies of the garden have a will of iron and seem to grow happily in any sunny location, often surviving for generations.

Some of our favorite herbaceous varieties are 'Fernleaf' and 'Big Ben.' Choice tree peonies include: 'Xue Ying Zhao Xia,' and 'Zi Zan.' Be sure to check out our selection in the Peony Department.There are 5 types of peonies classified by the shape of the flower - single, semidouble, double, Japanese, and anemone. Tree peonies are larger than the garden peony variety. Peonies are useful in borders, with annuals or if planted closely, as a lovely flowering hedge.


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