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The eternally elegant and beautiful, tulip makes any garden a springtime treat. Choose traditional single-petaled beauties, or try a mix of classic double or species tulips.

Tulips are serious travelers! Their roots can be traced to central Asia. The original wild tulips brightened the mountainsides of Turkestan and bulbs were brought back to Europe where they turned Holland and the horticultural world upside down. Holland is now the biggest supplier of tulip bulbs in the world.

All the many classes we treasure today will perennialize--coming back year after year after year making your spring a river of color. Plant bulbs in the fall to help convince Mother Nature into letting spring arrive just a little earlier.

Species tulips are not fussy, but you must give them good drainage, a location with at least a few hours of sunlight a day, and keep them fed to maximize perennializing. The front of the border is the optimal place for most tulips, but containers are also a great way to grow them. These locations also gives the best view to watch the flowers open and close in the sunlight.


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