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Urban Gardening


Just because you don't have a huge yard or a specific place to garden there are always ways to create a gardening space for yourself no matter what your living circumstance. Urban Gardening can be done on rooftops, staircases, fire escapes, balconies- you name it! If you have a tiny little space, a beautiful garden can still be grown.

Urban Gardening is a hip new trend in the gardening world. Although this type of gardening has been around for millenia with community gardens, and container gardens on steps, rooftop gardens etc., the practice is gaining popularity once again. With access to fresh food limited in many cities, urban farming is the answer.

Not only are people building vegetable beds, outdoor living area and firepits on their roofs, they are also using this space to create an entirely new ecosystem in cities putting the source of the food directly into the hands of the people.

Creating beautiful and delicious gardens in an urban landscape is a great way to spend your time. By practicing your favorite hobby in a traditionally garden-less environment, you will help prove that gardens can grow just about anywhere.


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