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Vegetable Gardening


Growing a vegetable garden is one of the simplest ways to enhance not only your garden but to put a little extra flavor into your life. There is nothing better than a ripe tomato fresh off the vine, or a sweet strawberry patch that your kids can pick the tasty treats right out of your own backyard. You can even start a salad garden with a wide variety of lettuces, cucumbers, and herbs to give yourself the gift of fresh greens right outside your doorstep.

Container gardening is a good way for urban dwellers or someone who doesn't have a lot of space to grow their vegetables and herbs. As long as you have a container with good drainage, good soil and some sunlight, your vegetables will grow just as well as any gardener! Container gardening can make vegetable growing a little easier, as you can control the moisture and help prevent pests from getting into your small but bountiful garden. Try sprinkling some lettuce leaves into a container on your front stoop, add some water, and you'll have a fresh salad in no time!

Building a raised vegetable bed is an inexpensive way to start a vegetable garden, as well as a great way to plan out exactly what you are going to grow. Having one spot where your vegetables grow can make the process not as intimidating for the beginning gardener, and making your vegetable beds a square or rectangular shape also helps to ease your confusion, as you can map out your garden easily with the "square foot gardening method".

Choosing which vegetables to grow can be a fun adventure in thinking about what it is you like to eat. Do you love hearty soups that stick to your ribs? Try growing an array of root vegetables such as carrots, turnips or potatoes. Or do you love nothing better than the simplicity of a ripe tomato sliced with mozzarella cheese and topped with fresh basil? Choosing what you plant can give your diet diversity that you may not otherwise have thought of just going to the market, and it opens up a whole new world of cooking with new recipes. So welcome to the world of vegetable gardening, we hope to hear all about this brand new adventure!


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