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Dinosaur game in Google Chrome gets a makeover for the Tokyo Olympics

by lelahammond


You must all have played the legendary Google Dinosaur Game in your spare time

You must all have played the legendary Google Dinosaur Game in your spare time. With the Olympics starting tomorrow, Google is here to have fun at your home with their latest rendition of the Olympics from Chrome's Classic Dino Racing Game. Since you don't stand a chance of catching the Summer Games in person, this Olympics-themed mini-game will keep you engaged.What is the game?

If you are not familiar with the dino game, this is the browser game built into the Google Chrome web browser that guides a pixelated Tyrannosaurus rex through a landscape avoiding obstacles to achieve a high score. This has been important over the years to provide calm reassurance to those struggling with internet access. The task is to play constantly to score higher and higher.


What is the change?

The Chrome dinosaur game had a monochrome interface which now features a pop of color as part of their new update for the Tokyo Olympics. It will have colored Olympic torches among the usual obstacles. What's nice about the updated game is that the ever-active dinosaur will pick up the Olympic torch at a certain point on the track where it will be transformed into one of the avatars being played at the Tokyo Olympics. There, he will be confronted with different obstacles such as waves as a surfboard player or crossing fences as an equestrian player. You can also change the theme by refreshing the window. The basic structure of the game remains the same, however.

How many sports can you expect to see?

Hurdles, horse jumping, running, surfing, swimming, and pole vaulting are six of the different interpretations of the Chrome dinosaur game present to date. Other versions will also be available in the game. Just refresh the window and each time you can expect to witness a new sport.

How to play?

Internet downtime and being offline were the most popular options for playing the game, but you don't have to worry about it now, you can easily access the game on your Google Chrome browser by typing chrome: // dino in the address bar (or go Have fun playing the Olympic game with this chrome interpretation. The dino is available on all platforms and is live to the browser, so be prepared to play it anytime.

Keep scoring higher and enjoy the Olympics with this fun new mini-game.


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