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4 Different Types Of Essays - How To Write Them

by Mike Carney (Mike Carney)


Writing an essay is a crucial activity of student life and one has to produce a perfect and unique essay on any given topic or pattern. Academic writing is critical and complex and can challenge your cognitive and writing skills. This article aims to provide information regarding different types of essays. 

The aim of academic writing is to prepare you to think critically about happenings, events, controversies, affairs, perspectives, opinions, etc. To make an argument that you have to put forward with strong proof can contribute to the information regarding that selected topic or area of study. 

Can you write my essay for me? Is this what you want to ask your friend who is good at essay writing? Well, it happens to almost all the students out there when they’re given an essay writing assignment. There is nothing to be surprised when a student says that he/she find essay writing a boring and dry task because it is. But dear students you’ve to cover this part in order to get your degree. 

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Get ready for an amazing piece of news. Now you don’t have to ask your friend or someone else to write your essay, instead, you should subscribe to the best essay writing service. Do you really want exceptional grades and remarks? Then it is the time to gift yourself a writing partner who can provide a fantastic essay within your given deadlines. 

These paper writing service works with best academic writers and assign you a writer who is the master of your field. The professional writer produces a unique and unplagiarized content for you that will help you get extraordinary remarks. 

There are so many types of essays in academic writing but four of them are considered the most important ones. The categorization of essays describes what type of essay you’re going to write, how to convince the audience to accept your viewpoint and what is the agenda of your work. 

Descriptive Essay- Picture With Words

Make a picture with words. In this type of essay, a writer describes the person, place, event, or a special memory of great significance. The descriptive essay intends to communicate a profound meaning via the description. This type of essay should require more writing skills as a writer is supposed to use the words for the readers to exactly imagine what has written. The writer should use attractive as well as sensational words. To get a pre-written descriptive essay you can pay for essay to a writer.

Narrative Essay- Revealing A Story

The word narrative describes the nature of the essay. It gives a chance to the writer to put forward his real-life experience. No doubt that the experience itself is a point of interest for the readers. But, when you add the ingredients of perfect words and bake it on the flame of good story crafting, then your end product becomes more delicious and touchy. 

Expository Essay- Depend On The Facts

The expository essay is a quite informative and formal piece of work that displays a balanced study if the topic. In this type of essay, the writer describes a topic using facts and figures, and by collecting relevant proofs and examples.

There is a vast range of essays in an expository essay such as compare and contrast, the cause and effect essay, the process essay, etc. Expository essays are based on facts and they do not allow writers to state their personal feelings. 

Persuasive Essay- Convince The Audience

In this essay, you have to collect the data and all the relevant evidence that can brace your argument. What new in this type of essay? You have to convince the audience to accept your point of view. The essay writer has to come up with strong points, literature and proofs to convince the readers to accept his opinion or viewpoint. 


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