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African Violets Rebloom tip

by (Brandon)


I hope someone finds this of use... I know its not that great leap of imagination but it took me decades to finally do it..

i had a thought i would like to share to those that are newer to gardening than i. 

I have been using my cake dome for my mini african violets... see pics.. I have been gardening for decades now, and this never accrued to me before... ok im slow... for the FIRST TIME i actually have a AF re-bloom... for me... 

pic wont show this but i have kept a thin...layer of water on the plate part of the dome... covered the plants that hadn't bloomed ( or should say stopped blooming for a month) then I was shocked they started to re-bloom... as I said I have been gardening for decades and never had AF's re-bloom for me... 

let me state the obvoius that a glass bowl would also
hope someone reads this and finds it of use... 


african violet


What a great idea! Thanks for the pics and the post! <br/>
gardengirl commented on 07/10/12