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GARDENING TIPS hope someone finds this of use...

by (Brandon)

my indoor set up 2shoplites 4bulbs

Tips for those of us with or without yards... but still have to grow something.


have u ever tried plant lights? 
my system is very straight forward and works real well... 

its a metal rack ( it adjust better than the plastic ones ) 
large trays ( army surplus baking trays for cakes ) but regular cookie trays would work 

aquarium gravel for controlling water over flows and for providing humidy when needed, mostly winter 

and 4 foot shop lights two by two... I use plant lights mixed with aquarium salt water bulbs (online), for getting the closest and max coverage of the light spectrum for my plants.. 

of coarse the normal shifting and moving around of plants as needed.. 

also the shelf unit i use is the type that adjust by inch.. 14"x48"x56" 
i use the bottom or top for storage of pots etc.. as needed 

again hope someone finds this of use.