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by gardengirl

Penstemon 'Purple Haze'
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This week some particularly interesting plants went into the database. Tons of varieties of Maple trees, orchids and clematis just to name a few. I've linked to some places where you can find out about the plants, butterflies and birds.

Bird Attracting Penstemon fructicosus 'Purple Haze' 


Penstemon fruticosus 'Purple Haze' produces hundreds of large 2" lavender-purple flowers that covers leathery evergreen foliage in late spring. A native of the dry eastern slopes of Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, it requires infertile well drained soil. Mature plants prefer dry soil during the summer months. In hotter, sunnier climates like New Mexico, it may be beneficial to plant in a morning sun/afternoon shade spot to avoid scorching the evergreen foliage, particularly in the winter. Attractive to birds and butterflies. 'Purple Haze' reaches a height of 12-18 inches and spreads to 18 inches.

 Read more about attracting birds to your garden here


Container Climber: Clematis 'Franziska Maria' 


I was so excited to see this in the database this week. Seeing this beauty took my breath away. I really want one for my garden! 'Franziska Maria' is ideal for growing through other wall-trained or free-standing shrubs. Extremely free-flowering double clematis with 4-6" bluish purple flowers and yellow anthers. Can reach 5-7' tall, so it may even be good for a large container. Zones 4-9. 

Find more about Clematis here - there are many many beautiful bloomers! 


Butterfly attracting: Lo and Behold® Purple Haze Butterfly Bush


Lo and Behold® Purple Haze Butterfly Bush produces uniquely horizontal branches with an abundance of dark purple-blue flowers. The flowers radiate outward and downward like a pinwheel, and are continuous from mid summer to frost. This sterile variety does not produce unwanted seedlings. As it's name suggests, butterflies love it! Grows to 3 feet by 3 feet. Zones 5-7. 

Find more about butterfly gardens here


Long lasting Goldilocks Orchid


I love orchids - the blooms are gorgeous - something pretty to set on a table or counter and longer lasting than cut flowers. The spider orchid is a very unique and surprising orchid. It has long, unusual green tendrils. Once it begins to mature, these tendrils change to a pronounced golden color. It will typically produce up to 15 flowers that stretch upwards. These long lasting blooms don't require a lot of care. It is recommended to water about three times per week and let it dry slightly between each watering. For best results, also keep in a moderate temperature between 45-98 degrees in indirect light. Enjoy blooms from Summer to Fall. 

Find more about Orchids here


Eye-catching tree - Hot Wings® Maple


One of my favorite childhood memories from visiting my grandparents is picking the maple seeds up off the sidewalk and tossing them in the air to watch them helicopter down, over and over again. It was such a novelty because we lived in Texas, we didn't see these magic things at home! While, you still have to be in zones 3-6 (and I am still out of luck in Texas!) Hot Wings® Maple is the perfect maple when you don't have room for a 50-100' tree. The habit is graceful, upright and spreading. The little yellow flowers are followed by bright red samaras, hence the name Hot Wings®. The dark green foliage turns yellow to red giving the fall color expected from a maple. Tolerant of alkalinity and dry conditions. A Colorado Plant Select® introduction. Grows 20-25' tall with an 18-20' spread. 

Find more about maples here

Happy planting!



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