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Latest Crop: New Plant Additions in DigtheDirt Plant Database

by gardengirl

Summer Savory
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We’ve added many plants to the Digthedirt plant database this week. Here are 5 of my favorites - a few herbs, a prolific bloomer and a water plant. I have included links to more information about each one. <br/>

Latest Crop - a sampling of new plants added to the plant database this week!



Summer Savory, known for it’s peppery flavor, has been used for thousands of years in cooking.  Flavorful, without being over powering, Savory is a nice addition to mild foods like eggs, beans and lentils. The tender leaves can also be added to salads. It will tolerate full sun and its slender green leaves and lilac/white flowers make it an attractive addition to your garden. When grown in the garden, it is recommended to plant near a fence or shrubs, as it is not wind tolerant.

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Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’ is an asset to any herb garden. With its minty fragrance and violet blue blooms, it’s a magnet for butterflies and other pollinators. Its gorgeous spiked flowers are in full color during the summer months. This herb is very easy to grow, is drought tolerant and can act as an insect and disease repellent in your garden. ‘Blue Fortune’ is ideal for beds and borders.

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Lavender ‘Grosso’ is considered to be the most fragrant and cold hardy of all hybird varieties. Known for its rich aromatic scent, it is grown ornamentally in the garden and used commercially in perfumes, soaps and sachets. Adaptable to most soil and weather conditions, its both a fast growing a long blooming plant.

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The Original Wave® Rose Petunia produces deep rose-red flowers. These beautiful trailing petunias have received rave reviews throughout the country. Short, only 6 inches tall but with a spread of 4 feet or more, masses of 3 inch flowers continuously cover the plants providing waves of color cascading over banks, borders and hanging baskets. The Wave® series of petunias is spectacular. Stay tuned for more additions to the database next week!

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Lotus 'Chawan Basu' is a semi-dwarf lotus that's perfect for tubs and kettle gardens.  Stunning white flowers with a delicate pink edge are fragrant and permeate the garden with their heady perfume. After the third day of bloom the petals begin to fall, revealing another development-the strong and distinctive, maturing seedpod. This Lotus is long blooming, 6-8 weeks, when summer temps are at their warmest.

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