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Dragon House Gardens - Spring Giving Way to Summer

by Cliff Sharples (chief cultivator)

Late spring in the garden... blooms are everywhere, leaves are filling in almost all the empty spaces, and the promise of summer hangs in the air. Here's what's happening in my perennial beds as we savor the last days of Spring.

Alliums Reign Kings

My wife and I are obsessed with Globe Master Alliums, and they are in full force throughout the garden. I love the combination of the purple heads with a modern bright red sculpture in our back perennial bed.



Spicy Roses Meets Tropics

In year 2 of our 'Cape Diamond' shrub rose, we now understand what they meant by "very hard, extremely vigorous." This garden star is producing massive amounts of blooms and looks great reaching up between a grove of Chinese Windmill Palms (Trachycarpus fortunei).



Cambodian Head Garden

We picked up this great garden statue in Cambodia and paired it with lavender and a prolific organge-flowering perennial that is similar to coreopsis, but itsn't (do you know?!).


The Meditation Room

Our courtyard garden was the first at the Dragon House, and now in it's fourth season, it has become the best room in the house. Enter through the courtyard gates and leave your troubles behind.






Details Make the Garden

I'm still learning this, but some of my favorite garden elements are not the grand vistas, but the quiet details you can take in with a morning cup of coffee.





Buddha Heads and Moss

This garden is still coming into it's own, with the challenge of our Cavashon puppy really enjoying eating the moss... We put over 40 small stone buddha heads and arranged them as a border for a garden of Irish Moss under a 40-year old japanese maple tree. For a how-to on our buddha border, check out this video here.




Golden Chain - the perfectly named tree

For 3-4 weeks, this tree is an absolute icon in the garden. The gracefull cascade of hanging blooms, the sweet scent filling the air, and the constant buzz of bumble bees gorging on its pollen... 





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What an amazing, beautiful place you have created. Thanks for all the photos - they are simply gorgeous! I love the alliums. <br/>
gardengirl commented on 06/08/12