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jovibarba sobolifera 'Hens & Chicks'

by CrazyCatLady


Jovibarba sobolifera <br/> <br/>Rolling Hen-and-chicks <br/> USDA Zone: 2-9 <br/>Plant number: 1.298.280 <br/> <br/>Jovibarba are close kin to the familiar Sempervivum, but with round ball-shaped chicks that roll off from the mother plant to find a new home. This species produces small, bright green rosettes, with chicks like tiny little red balls sitting on top. Short spikes of pale yellow flowers appear in summer. Terrific in a rock garden, rock wall or alpine trough. Short enough to use between flagstones in a walkway or patio. Very adaptable, growing nearly anywhere but in deep shade. <br/>Further details for <br/>Jovibarba sobolifera <br/> <br/>Optimal Growing <br/>Conditions Appearance and <br/>Characteristics <br/>Sun Exposure <br/> Full Sun or <br/> Partial Shade <br/> <br/>Soil Type <br/> Normal or <br/> Sandy or <br/> Clay <br/> <br/>Soil pH <br/> Neutral or <br/> Alkaline or <br/> Acid <br/> <br/>Soil Moisture <br/> Average or <br/> Dry <br/> <br/>Care Level <br/> Easy Flower Colour <br/> Creamy Yellow <br/> <br/>Blooming Time <br/> Early Summer <br/> Mid Summer <br/> Late Summer <br/> <br/>Foliage Color <br/> Deep Green <br/> <br/>Plant Uses &amp; Characteristics <br/> Accent: Good Texture/Form <br/> Alpine &amp; Rock <br/> Containers <br/> Deer Resistant <br/> Drought Tolerant <br/> Edging <br/> Evergreen <br/> Ground Cover <br/> <br/>Flower Head Size <br/> Small <br/> <br/>Height <br/> 5-15 cm <br/> 2-6 inches <br/> <br/>Spread <br/> 15-30 cm <br/> 6-12 inches <br/> <br/>Foot Traffic <br/> Light <br/> <br/>Growth Rate <br/> Medium