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How do I convert a former flower bed into a vegetable garden?

by mcmoody

How do I best convert a former native annual bed full of last year's seeds to be a clean vegetable garden?  What's the best way to stop 1 million seedlings (and lemon from a former herb garden, ugh) from growing into my new vegetables all summer?  Landscape fabric under mulch?  Or paper?  It's already jam packed with seedlings and I'd like to have a fresh start with new veggies! 


SEEDLINGS, vegetables, weed prevention, fabric, prepare new beds


I think KHerman and FigTree are on the right track. I would do a no-dig-garden there. (Also called Lasagna Gardening). Here's a video about it: Research it online. It is starting to become more popular, and new info on it is popping up all the time. The cardboard layer will keep the seedlings from growing up through your new bed - The organic materials will provide a fresh, healthy medium to grow in (don't forget to add fertilizer). I am growing this way in two beds this year (One for Tomatoes, one for Squash) and it's working out beautifully! It will also save you a lot of money on dirt. Good luck!
SugarSnapMama commented on 05/27/12
Fig Tree&#x27;s idea is a good one. You may know this already, but make sure the manure is well-rotted. You could also use several layers of wet newspaper, then several layers of organic material, such as manure, compost, rotted leaves, old straw, etc. It is called lasagna gardening and works great in situations like yours. There is a book out about lasagna gardening. It is a lot of labor at first, but is a effective way to garden. All the organic stuff eventually breaks down and then you have soil with lots of humus. <br/> <br/>
khermans commented on 03/31/12
We did something last year that worked like a charm. We put a layer manure with a lime, put down flats of cardboard, another little bit of manure on top and then hay (w/o seeds!) on top. Then cut holes in cardboard where you want to plant veggies. It worked like an absolute charm. We did it right over VERY tough grass that we did not turn at all. It is a permaculture thing that my husband had done once before. Give it a try!
FigTree commented on 03/31/12
Are you starting your seed directly in the ground or starting them else where? <br/>If you start them else where you can use a pre emergent to keep unwanted weed seed or herb seed from sprouting. Then you can plant your seedling and all should be well.
CrazyCatLady commented on 03/27/12