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Turn a old junky fountain or bird bath into a beautiful planter

by CrazyCatLady

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How to up-cycle!

I picked up a old  fiberglass fountain for $10.00 from a junk dealer. It was covered in peeling paint the look on my boyfriends face when he saw it was priceless. With a little bit of elbow grease old paint was scraped off and a new coat of the proper paint put on. Up-cycled!
















Super cool! <br/>
gardengirl commented on 04/01/12
That is awesome. I have never tried something like this, but would love to try.
FigTree commented on 03/31/12
My son gave me his old styrofoam water feature, and they have hard water. It has a lot of work to make it look nice again. Any ideas how to prep it and what type of paint to use on it? <br/>
irisheyes314 commented on 03/30/12
Send me some photos I will see what I can do :)
CrazyCatLady replied: on 04/02/12
Today I turned an old fountain into a pond. It&#x27;s a round base made of 6&quot; thick concrete. Inside stood a pillar and a statue of 3 owls, thru which the fountain sprayed into the base. All solid concrete. I buried the round base, with an inch above ground so little guys like toads, frogs and mammals can reach the water. It&#x27;s 6&quot; deep, so I put 2 large smooth river stones in it as steps. The pillar, which looks like a tree stump, Makes a perfect pot stand in a nearby garden bed, with euonymous vines wrapped around it. The owls are in my woodland garden. It&#x27;s fun to reuse items neighbors didn&#x27;t want because the fountain pump didn&#x27;t work!
Prairie Girl Originals commented on 03/30/12
Love it! Upcycled!
CrazyCatLady replied: on 04/02/12