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2009 Reflections and 2010 Goals

by Lily

Blanket Flower cheerfully looks forward to the new year!

Garden happenings in 2009 and what's to come in 2010

2009 was a productive gardening year.  Sometime last spring, I challenged myself to transform my little corner of tropical paradise even further.  I wanted more tropical plants, more spaces to sit back and relax, and less lawn / maintenance. 

 A couple of new spaces:

  • The new front patio space – see my post “New Garden / Patio Space”
  • The Grapevine Getaway – see my blog “My Backyard Vineyard”

 New Additions:

 My landscape enjoyed an influx of new additions in 2009.  A few of my favorites include

 Dwarf Powderpuff

Various Plumeria cuttings


Pink Mandavilla


Staghorn Fern (an obsession of mine!)



2010 Goals:

 I have a few goals in mind for my landscape in 2010.  They include:

 Front Patio Space - I'll clear the grass, lay some sort of flat stone, and dwarf mondo grass (so I won't need to mow this area) to complete the area. Example:


  • Grape Vine Patio – Once the grapevines mature a bit, we’ll build a larger trellis to cover more of the shed and an overhead support from the shed roof to the privacy fence for the overhang cover.  Example:


  • Add river rock throughout the various beds...started with the back yard beds and will make our way to the front and replace the mulch
  •  Plant more bromelaids - perhaps even create a bromelaid garden
  •  Add strawberries and papaya to our collection of fruit baring plants and trees


As I seldom plan my gardening projects, I’m looking forward to further additions and creations in my landscape, thus unforeseen!  I’ll keep you posted!  Until then, Happy New Year!


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Love the goals... especially the patio with the flat stone... that would look amazing. Can't wait to hear about how you guys get through this weather you're having. Fingers crossed you don't lose anything! Happy New Year!
FigTree commented on 01/05/10
Thanks, FT! I'm excited to get the ball rolling on the flatstone too! I'd do it tomorrow, but being the frugal gardener, I'm looking for a "deal"! :) Regarding the cold, I feel a bit selfish complaining about it since my northern family and friends are dealing with below zero temps, but still...this is south Florida for Pete's sake!!! The poor people on vacation were in bikinis on the beach with 50 degree weather! :( That's not nice! Happy New Year to you, too!!!!
Lily replied: on 01/05/10
Best of luck with these great projects - I look forward to following along! <br/>
gardengirl commented on 01/05/10
Thanks, GG! I'm excited for the new year and completing projects...if we can get past this cold snap!!!
Lily replied: on 01/05/10
Did you freeze? I hope you don't lose any plants. It's going to be really cold here in Austin toward the end of the week - in the teens according to the weather folk yesterday. Brrr!
gardengirl replied: on 01/05/10