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October in Our Garden

by Cliff Sharples (chief cultivator)

The courtyard is looking great! All the heat made the tropical plants grow HUGE this year!
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October 11, 2009: Garden Walk-thru <br/> <br/>Chronicling the state of our garden and plants before this amazing summer-fall season ends!

On a beatiful Fall day in mid-October, I took a stroll through our garden on Mercer Island, marveling at how much was still in bloom. Color is bursting everywhere, with the dahlias taking center stage. Harvest color is also prevelant, with pumpkins, squash and some lingering eggplants poking through lush, healthy foliage. The fuschias are in full bloom throughout the gardens, daring winter to stop their waterfall of color. And the lush foliage of the bananas, palms, cannas and colocasias are in their final curtain call after a stunning performance in our record-heat summer weather.

I think September and October might possibly be the nicest months for our garden, as so many of our plants require the heat of the summer to kick into gear and grow wildly. Though it is call coming to an end soon, we're alreaady planning for a fabuous 2010!




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You have a fantastic display of color and a unique taste for mixing tropical with hardy plants. such a great scheme! I&#x27;m planning my next year already as well.
Edenskeeper714 commented on 09/17/12
Your garden is intensely gorgeous. I am smitten by the Japanese grass and the agaves. Stunning!!
GardeningCas commented on 12/09/09
All I can say is WOW. Thanks for posting all those, unique and beautiful.
INGrandad commented on 10/22/09
If I didn&#x27;t know better, I&#x27;d think this garden was in Florida! So many tropicals! Love the pumpkins, and the foxglove reminds me of my old Atlanta garden. Zone 8 is awesome!
Daylilyjoy commented on 10/13/09
WOW!! VERY impressive!! I can see why you&#x27;re called the Chief Cultivator! Your garden is truly fabulous...what a great place to be!
Lily commented on 10/13/09