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What is the True "Shamrock"?

by CrazyCatLady

Trifolium Repens
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St. Patrick&#x27;s Day is coming up and I thought it might be interesting to find out a little bit about that plant behind the holiday. <br/>Oxalis is often sold under the heading of &quot;Shamrock&quot; but this is not the &quot;Shamrock&quot; <br/>I found an article about the real plant and its not in the Oxalis family at all but Trifolium repens &#x27;Dutch Clover or White Clover. <br/>Growing up in a Scot-Irish household I was intrigued with the clover and now as an adult I plant it in my lawn for the leaves and the flowers. <br/>I found an interesting article on line and I am sharing the link to the site. <br/>Happy Gardening &amp; Happy St.Patrick&#x27;s Day! Cheers!