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Fresh Air in the Middle of Winter

by MNGardener

Winter containers
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Winter means 20 degrees below o's a little tough to get too much fresh air, but I miss it .

I was looking through old photos, and found these from a winter garden tour that I took last year.  My sister and I took our cameras to the Minnesota Arboretum  in Chaska  Minnesota and we we had a great time stomping around the grounds in our boots and heavy winter coats and mittens . It was tough taking pictures, but we did it .  Everything was decorated so beautifully, and it was pure inspiration for us.  Enjoy - if ever in MN , this garden is worth a visit any time of year . Even 20  degrees below 0 -I promise :)


winter interest, holiday decorating, garden in the snow


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
I love that gardening can happen any time of year. Are those pine cones in the containers by your front door? The arrangements are really fun.
FigTree commented on 01/04/10
Winter gardens can be beautiful! I didn't use pine cones - but what you see is dried hydrangeas that I cut from the bush out of sight in this photo, and added them to the pines , old tree branches and other evergreen tops. I always add the hydrangeas to my fall containers too - they dry out beautifully.
MNGardener replied: on 01/05/10
Really fantastic photos!!! And so brave at 20 below!!!!
Lily commented on 01/04/10
The snowy pictures are delightful - here in Central TX we don&#x27;t see too much of that. The wreath is really lovely as is your front door!
gardengirl commented on 01/04/10
What a breath of fresh air those snow pictures are! (Makes me shiver a little though.) I love how beautifully clean and pure a garden looks when covered in snow. I used to love the way snow lay on the tree branches and bird feeders in my Atlanta garden.
Daylilyjoy commented on 01/04/10