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Nature in my garden

by Lily

Baby tree frog on a hibiscus leaf
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Nature in the garden isn't always pretty!

Nature is everywhere, especially in the garden!  Beautiful birds and butterflies are cherished residents and visitors.  Other guests may not be appreciated such as squirrels, rabbits and deer, but are beautiful and fun to watch, all the same. 

The nature that I want to focus on is not necessarily "pretty".  Check out some of the less popular animals living in my garden.


frogs, bugs, butterflies, birds


I think I'd try to find that bug and bring it back to my garden! I like "Bob" but am wondering if he has dug holes in your lawn.
Daylilyjoy commented on 10/14/09
Very interesting! It looked like a walking piece of terry cloth and it was in the root system of the variegated grass I was transplanting. If it's the larvae of a ladybug, I'm glad I didn't kill it...just put it in an empty lot.
Lily commented on 10/12/09
Lily, it's hard to tell, but the creature in #4 looks like the larva of the mealybug destroyer, a cute little ladybug. Like most ladybug larvae, the mealybug destroyer is a great beneficial insect because of its huge appetite for insect pests. This particular ladybug is being released all over South Florida to control the Pink Hibiscus Mealybug, a devastating introduced pest.
Daylilyjoy commented on 10/12/09
I love the creepy crawlies too!!! We have the same ones in our garden. I especially love the anoles. I have to say, though, that I hate the caterpillar in Photo #13, which infests my oleanders and makes them so ragged, then congregates in black, stringy masses under the eaves of my house to pupate.
Daylilyjoy commented on 10/12/09