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Mary Rose

by CrazyCatLady


Mary Rose ® (Ausmary) <br/>David Austin Recommended Variety <br/>Category English Roses <br/> (English Rose Collection) <br/>Bred By David Austin <br/>Color Rose Pink <br/>Flower Type Double/Full Bloom <br/>Size Medium Shrub <br/>Hardiness Very hardy <br/>Fragrance Old Rose, honey and almonds <br/>Medium <br/>Repeating Good <br/>Special Characteristics Starts flowering very early <br/> <br/>One of the most widely grown English Roses and it is not difficult to see why. It forms a good bushy shrub, that is particularly winter-hardy and blooms with unusual regularity throughout the summer. <br/> <br/>The flowers are of attractive, loose-petalled formation and of strong rose pink coloring. A first class garden shrub that mixes well with other plants. <br/> <br/>The delicious fragrance is of Old Rose character, with a hint of honey and almond blossom. <br/> <br/>It was named after Henry VIII’s flagship when it was recovered from the Solent after more than four hundred years. <br/> <br/>4 ft. x 4 ft. <br/>