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Never Enough Calla Lilies

by LilyLover

Calla Lily, 'Schwarzwalder' (a/k/a: Black Forest)
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I've loved calla lilies since I was a little girl.  I remember the first time I saw a giant white bloom, complimented by its surrounding foliage.  When I shared with my mother that calla lilies were my favorite flower, her response was "Oh God, those are for funerals." 

Well, I'm all grown up now; and, calla lilies aren't just for funerals anymore.  My first calla lily shopping spree took place at a local nursery.  I'd only seen white callas...and that was perfectly fine with me.  The callas were lovingly planted by my dear husband.  Then I went back indoors to look up "Calla Lily Care" on the Internet.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I could order calla lily bulbs that would generate blooms in a variety of colors, sizes, and blooming periods; plus, they offered different foliage types and varied from being perennials to herbaceous perennials in my garden (USDA hardiness zone 9b and heat tolerance zone 9). 

The first order I placed was for five different varieties of black calla lilies.  Over the course of a couple months of waiting for my precious gems to grow, I visited local nurseries.  They had other colors of callas already in full bloom!  Yay me!  And, of course, I had to bring home a few more callas.  :)

Fast forward to today...less than two years later.  I just received a shipment of 26 Rubylite Pink Ice calla lily bulbs that will be planted in my "pink and white" garden on one side of our home.  Here's the dilemna:  I learned that calla lily 'Hot Chocolate' is immediately available for shipment from the same vendor.  Plus, and by the end of January, they will know how many other varieties that they are going to carry for the 2010 growing season.

With this dilemna in mind, are there other people in the world like me?  Do they crave having the most unusual of callas for oohs and aaahs in the garden as well as ecstatic responses when they are given as cut flowers?  Do they weigh whether or not to place another calla lily bulb order?  Do they ever feel like they can never have enough of these gorgeous flowers with their lush foliage?  Do I go ahead and purchase some 'Hot Chocolate' calla lily bulbs; or, does this calla lily addict force herself to be patient for another 30 days and see what 2010 offerings will be for sale? 

I'll admit it:  I like compliments about my flowers....but, truthfully, it is the responses I get to giving away calla lily cut flower in unexpected color varities that gives me an ego boost. 


Calla Lilies, Bulbs, Perennials


Love this post- so hilarious... I ALSO used calls in my wedding- I carried them and y mom made cool architectural arrangements out of them in square vases- it was so cool!! I guess you're not the only one that loves these amazing plants. I grew these all day long when I lived in California and love the shape and colors of their blooms, but now in Seattle it's not happening, so PLEASE keep me posted on all of them so I can live vicariously through you!
FigTree commented on 01/04/10
Thank you for the compliment and for your comments, FigTree--they put a big smile on my face. I bet your wedding arrangements were incredibly elegant, and I visualized them as being rather cutting edge, as well. Isn't it great when a flower can easily be adapted to reflect our imagination/genius? A little over a week ago I planted 13 Rubylite Pink Ice calla lily bulbs. I can hardly wait for their foliage to push up through the soil's surface. I'll be sure to let you know as the garden develops. :)
LilyLover replied: on 01/22/10
I laugh at the funeral comment!!! I used callas mixed with star-gazer lilies and roses in my wedding, and we're still happily married 14 years later! :) I love them, and the variety of colors! I've never grown them...maybe I will add some this year?!?!
Lily commented on 01/04/10
Wow--the wedding bouquet(s) must have been beautiful and amazingly fragrant. If you are looking for a reputable supplier for calla lily bulbs/rhizomes. I can highly recommend Pacific Callas: I just received another bulb (Calla Lily Rubylite Pink Ice) shipment last week. Their online service is a great asset, and I was able to learn that they'll know what additional calla lily varieties they'll have for 2010 by the end of January/early February.
LilyLover replied: on 01/04/10
I too love all of the callas available these days! I've never grown any, though. It is so funny that your mother thinks callas are for funerals. My future daughter-in-law has chosen white callas and red roses for her upcoming wedding. She and my son planted several at the house they are renovating, which inspired her. Will have to share pictures of the bouquets with you later (June).
Daylilyjoy commented on 01/04/10
LOL!! I used them in my wedding also, with star-gazer lilies and roses...they were BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Lily replied: on 01/04/10
Last night I visited my mom and told her that we're planting another 25 rhizomes of calla lilies in a pale pink (Rubylite Pink Ice) in addition to two large white callas that have been planted in our new garden. Again, her immediate response was, "Calla lilies are for funerals." I responded, "Not anymore. Now they're trendy for weddings and all sorts of things." She just rolled her eyes at me. Oh well...looks like I'll have to bring over some of my rare cultivars in a bouquet for her. Which varieties of calla are your son and daughter-in-law planting? When I'm not having a weak calla lily moment by picking up another large or giant white one at one of the local nurseries, I opt for the rarer varieties at Pacific Calla Lilies (online shop: Also, in December I was able to order several of the black calla lily, 'Schwarzwalder' from for less than what I pay at Pacific Callas....but we'll see what type of quality I receive and if the bulbs are pre-treated with an anti-fungal agent. I'll have to let you know.
LilyLover replied: on 01/04/10