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Heaths and Heathers

by FigTree

Heaths and Heathers
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A small nursery that has one of the largest collection of Heaths and Heathers in the world is near Puget sound, and dedicated to raising plants in an environmentally friendly way.

Two weeks ago I travelled out to Heaths and Heathers, about a 1 and 1/2 hour drive from Seattle. The drive out there was peaceful and clam and everywhere you turn is another body of of water. When I got to Heaths and Heathers I could not believe my eyes- just blankets and blankets of them everywhere in all different colors, blending together to make mounds of rainbow hills.


This nursery is run by a husband and wife team, who have dedicated themselves to bringing you their plants in as envirnmentally friendly way as they can. The recycle pots, use local newspaper to wrap and ship their plants in- very simple ways to help the environment. But they go a couple of step further- no fertilizer, fungicide or peat moss is used with these plants. The growers use Tacoma's Tagro mix of composted municipal waste that arrives by the truckful. Another "green" trick they have is to use something called Vaper Guard, which is a biodegradable product that shields the plant from the sun's ray, as well as any early frosts. It is something she found a couple of years ago and says she will never stop using it to help her plants through a particularly hot summer (like the one we just had) or an early frost.


After my trip I was so inspired by all the calming colors I saw, that I had visions of growing hundreds of heaths and heathers all over my own yard- I think I'll just start with a few.  Go to Heaths and Heathers to pick out your own, or have them do it for you!


Heaths and Heathers, evergreen, Puget Sound


So Beautiful!!!!!
Lily commented on 10/09/09