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Winter Garden Walk

by dig the dirt editor

Winter is the quiet time in most gardens. Although gardeners savor the pause for reflection, we rarely become inactive. Indeed, come late winter -- when green thumbs start getting itchy -- it's time to grab the pruners and the Bos Bag, saunter out to the yard and have a look around.


Although your garden may still be sleeping, now is the perfect time to do some winter pruning. Pruning dormant shrubs and small trees is one of the few chores that should be accomplished just before spring wakes the plants from their annual rest.

outdoor decorating

Better yet, here's a way to turn your trimmings into a quick-and-easy outdoor decorating project. Just bag the prunings as you work your way around the yard, and then tuck the branch ends into a window box, hayrack, or large planter. Here's a little trick: If the soil is frozen, just lay the branches on top of it. Proceed to tuck in some evergreen snippets. Add a few skeletal blooms of perennials such as yarrow and sedum. Garnish the arrangement with a shiny gazing ball -- and you're done!

Note: If you don't have shrubs or trees in your yard that need trimming, perhaps you could offer to help a neighbor with their pruning or find a few plant materials during a walk in the woods.

Time for project: An hour or two (or three), depending on your mood and the weather.

Kid friendly: The kids can help collect prunings and arrange them in the container.

Materials: Pruners; Bos Bag (or a large, lightweight container for collecting trimmings); window box, hayrack, or large planter; tree and shrub prunings; gazing ball

Click here for winter pruning instructions, as well as lists of plants in both warm and cold climates that benefit from winter pruning.


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