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How do I grow potatoes?

by AnthonyDimitre

How do I grow potatoes in detail?

How do I grow potatoes in detail?




Thanks for the links! I priced the bags and decided to reuse my 40 lb chicken feed bags I throw away, as potatoes bags. Just poke some drain holes. I have grown potatoes in the garden and this looks much easier to control weeds since I don't use any weed or bug sprays. I may even try some carrots and onions in bags too. Just got 10 inches of snow and now I want to get in the garden LOL.
MRS.D commented on 02/05/12
Hi Anthony: OK, here are a couple of articles to check out: <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/>Let me know if you need more!
chief cultivator commented on 01/31/12