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Ornaments for your Tree... Outside!

by Cliff Sharples (chief cultivator)

Why just confine your ornament obsession to the Christmas Tree?

We have a dear, wonderful, crazy friend named Marcia... She's an amazing gardener, a purveyor of style, and always having a blast! So, when I came home one day after bus-driving duty for my kids and saw a surprise in our courtyard, I immediately knew it could have been only one person who was responsible!


Drive by Decorator

I planted a new tree this fall in the courtyard, which has twisted, curly branches standing bare after the Fall. Glimmering in the sun, large orange balls hung on several branches creating a festive, modern vibe to our otherwise dull, dormant tropical garden.


It's a nice change from the usual Chirstmas lights, and fun to have something other than wreaths to look at during the day - though up here in the top left corner of the continental United States, the daylight is getting pretty short!


christmas decor, outdoor ornaments


Very nice effect! What is the twisted tree? I love it!
Daylilyjoy commented on 12/30/09
Beautiful! I like the ornaments. I hung some on my pygmy date palms in the front yard this year. So nice to have such a happy friend!
Lily commented on 12/29/09