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Morning Harvest

by Cliff Sharples (chief cultivator)

Early morning harvest with a cup of coffee, the sun shining and all the kids fast asleep... Ahhh, nothing better!

Fall Heralds a New Year

I love September! It's New Year for me, signaling a time for new plans, dreams of a new year and my favorite time in the garden. 



This is the bounty from this morning's harvest - heirloom tomatoes, a second act from my Spring pea vines, a lone strawberry, and antique roses. I can't wait for dinner :-).





cutting flowers Roses Tomatoes vegetables fall harvest


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
I love the rose color and you are so lucky to get a second pea harvest. Nothing like fresh peas for supper.
MRS.D commented on 09/04/11