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A New England Garden Tour

by Cliff Sharples (chief cultivator)

Summer on the Coast of Massachusetts brings ideal conditions for amazing gardens.We took a stroll through a few of Marion's nicer outdoor spaces in their annual Garden Tour.

Gardens by the Sea

With hot and humid temperatures combine with a healthy fall of rain, blooms and plants go nuts! On our Marion Garden Tour, we saw this everywhere we went. Hydrangeas so full of blooms, they can barely stand up. Echinacea blooms so vibrant, they can be spotted from a sail boat in the harbor. Hostas so large, they create a border bigger than a boxwood hedge. Here are some of images from our day.



Perennial borders serve as a transition to the wild grasses and rugosa roses bordering the beach.



Rosa Rugosa is one of my favorite things about Cape Cod, filling the air with a sweet citrus scent all summer.



There is nothing more classic than a garden gate embraced by an antique rose bush.



Hostas are staples of a New England Garden. Here they are used as a border for a long perennial border.




Hydrangeas spill through a classic white fence.



Ferns, hosta and heuchera leaves create a beautiful design in this shade garden.



Echinacea come in so many colors and varieties, often mixed with carefree daisies on our garden tour.





This garden features a blend of asian garden techniques, with a spectacular collection of garden antiques complimenting the thoughtful plantings.


Mattapoisett_2011_3194.detailThis garden features a garden shed filled with antiques and a piano, surrounded by a wild perennial garden filled wit the scent of lilies.




This border of Astilbe is massive and makes for an impressive entrance to this seaside estate.



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Beautiful! <br/>Glad to see the pic of rosa rugosa. I saw it all over Scituate when we were there over the 4th of July. Hydrangea were in full glory!
gardengirl commented on 07/11/13