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What is eating my veggies?

by Jennifer Chase (ShighandiFarms)

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Need help with my container garden!

Any thoughts or comments or ideas are greatly appreciated. I started some container gardening this spring.  I live in AZ, zone 9a, and something is eating my green leaves and I'm curious as to what is going on??




Garden_2011_008.detailgreens getting eaten


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tomato has blossom end rot.
bclaudio3 commented on 06/08/11
You really need more calcium in your soil
bclaudio3 replied: on 06/08/11
Is there a better way for me to post pictures? <br/>I have uploaded them to my flickr account into a set. <br/>Here is the link: <br/> <br/>The top of the leaves have holes in them. The Eggplants, the Brussels sprouts have the holes. The Zucchini and Yellow squash have funny edges?? <br/> <br/>I greatly appreciate you offering to help. <br/> <br/>
ShighandiFarms commented on 05/21/11
It looks like you need some fertilizer for your Zucchini and Yellow Squash- they have burnt looking edges and this could be for a lack of fertile soil.
FigTree replied: on 05/22/11
Your tomatoes look like they have been put out a little early- has there been excessive hot and cold days lately?
FigTree replied: on 05/22/11
The holes are from a flea beetle-- hard to get rid of without chemicals... You can try to put Diatomacious Earth around the plant (organic grade).
FigTree replied: on 05/22/11
Hey there- I will try and help you figure this out... what do the eaten leaves look like? Wondering what is going on in that picture- can&#x27;t quite tell....
FigTree commented on 05/20/11