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Tip for orchid blooms.

by dig the dirt editor

Try these simple steps to keep orchids blooming.

When your orchid refuses to rebloom, 9 times out of 10, warm nights are to blame. Orchid flower spikes form in cool night temperatures.

Try these tips:

  • Shift your plant into blooming mode by placing it in 50° F night temperatures for two months in the fall. A cool, unused room with a sunny window is the best for budding orchids.
  • Feed plants every few weeks while they're forming new leaves.
  • If you receive an orchid plant as a gift and the buds drop off, insufficient moisture or ethylene gas (given off by produce, other flowers or appliances) may explain the bud drop. "Abscission" is the technical term.  Move the plant to a well ventilates area, give it some good moisture, and set it by itslef on a table or counter top away from other flowers.


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Great info! Orchids are beautiful!
Lily commented on 12/27/09