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My Lilacs are not blooming...

by chief cultivator

I have 3 year old plantings of lilac bushes... one of them has blooms; another has only a couple; and the other two have none :-(. Last year, they bloomed great... What gives?! Anyone with any ideas for me, I'd really appreciate it.

lilacs not blooming
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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
every fall you must cut off all old blooms and in spring cut back all suckers as they slow flowering
yoda commented on 02/25/12
FROM FB: I had that problem last year. My local garden center told me to add wood ashes to the mulch around the lilacs. Did this twice last year and it worked - I had blooms this year :) <br/> <br/>FROM FB: Mine seem to bloom about every couple years for some reason. I think it has to do with the late freezes we seem to get. Trim back only after they are done blooming, any later you could be cutting off next years blooms. I will try putting ash around mine. Lord knows I always have lots.
FigTree commented on 05/29/11
Hey cliff, <br/> My first reaction would be as just mentioned, more sun; fertilizer, and making sure that your soil is alkaline by adding limestone gravel, lime or limestone dust to the soil. There may also be an iron deficiency in the yellow coloring of the leaves, but I am not a lilac specialist...I am sure Doug J could tell you more in Iowa, lilacs grow like weeds there, and as you know...all throughout New England. <br/> Here is a link to an article from Seattle regarding lilacs: <br/>Happy Gardening! <br/>
cajunbarry commented on 05/05/11
You're the best Barry! Thanks! Post some pics of your latest creations on DigtheDirt so we can all be amazed!!
chief cultivator replied: on 05/05/11
Are they getting enough sunlight? I had one that didn&#x27;t bloom for years in indirect sun then a tree near it had to be cut down and it bloomed like crazy the next year. They aren&#x27;t real crazy about wet soil either.
Lingstara commented on 05/05/11
I was a little worried about the sun and whether that is a factor. We've had an exceptionally wet and sunless Spring in Seattle, so that's probably the culprit... May have to move them :-(. Thanks for the advice!!
chief cultivator replied: on 05/05/11