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winter tip for plants

by dig the dirt editor

Don't grab your pruners too soon- wait and see what happens.


A Winter Tip:

  • If you have had some bad weather come around in the winter months and your plants are looking damaged from ice, rain, or even snow, try to stop yourself from chopping that plant down immediately.  Try to wait it out for a few days and see if it doesn't start standing up a little taller  all on its own.
  • If limbs are broken you can trim those back right away.
  • After a couple of days if the plant still looks like a sad specimin, prune the whole plant for future growth.


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Good advise to wait it out a bit...I always have to fight the urge to cut/prune!
Lily commented on 12/27/09
Thank you for the tip, DTD Editor...I chopped one of my gardens a little too soon...but you helped save the rest of them in other areas and microclimates of my/our yard.
LilyLover commented on 12/23/09