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Raise a leaf if you're still alive!

by Linda Melhoff (Lulu2U2)

Brandy after a hard winter
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I don't know about your yard, but mine is really showing the results of an ugly winter. The Pacific NW has been so wet and in between the rain we've had quite a bit of freezing weather this year.

I start getting spring fever long about February because, let's face it, when it's gray outside day after day you need something to look forward to. I've had a couple dismal walks around my yard and have seen numerous plants that have either died or need to be on respirators. I love roses and they look like they've really been hit by the cold weather. I mulched them over their crowns last fall, so I'm hoping they come though.

As you can see by this image, there is nothing wrong with the health of the weeds that have already shown up. I've done some weeding, but not in this flower bed. There's a crack in the clouds today so I guess I should be out there working. This is a picture of my Brandy rose bush. If it lives, I'm not sure of its quality of life. I haven't had very good luck with Brandy in the past, but it's a beautiful color while alive.20110328_1989brandyweb.detail


I hope all is well in your garden. I don't think this was a great winter anywhere.




Roses, brandy, hybrid tea, winter damage


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
I agree about the hard winter. Living in Idaho, we&#x27;re still getting snow/rain/hail/sleet showers. La Nina has been vicious this year. My Becky rose (a pink floribunda) is going gangbusters, tho. We have let her go without trimming for a couple of years and she survived the winter well, is full of leaves and branch starts. I hope your rose snaps out of it and comes back healthy and beautiful.
vetch commented on 04/04/11
Saw my roses budding today and we have very cold winters in the midwest. <br/>Lost 1. :( Hope yours will be OK. If you were closer I have lots of year old horse and chicken manure you could have.
MRS.D commented on 04/03/11
Manure and gardens are a good thing! I keep telling my husband we need to go find some but I think he has visions of us having to shovel someone's barn out. The zoo sells zoo-doo so we may have to try it. We moved here in 2007 from Edmonton (3A), Alberta. I lived there for six years and really missed being able to grow hybrid teas. Our land is part of an old rock quarry so the dirt is sand & rock. I've been buying mulch from the yard recycling people and I now have all the neighbors asking me what my secret is. I guess I'll just wait a while and see what happens to the bush.
Lulu2U2 replied: on 04/05/11
Just be careful of where you get your natural fetilizer. Depnding on what the animals were eating it may have weed seeds in it. The zoo is probably a safe place to get it.
MRS.D replied: on 04/06/11
That was the worst winter ever!! I didn&#x27;t think anything would survive, but some stuff is coming back in full force. We&#x27;ll see how this Spring pans out. Fingers crossed!
FigTree commented on 04/02/11
My roses may not be great this year but the weeds are horrible. We've had so much rain and when we put mulch down last fall I think they gave us stuff that hadn't "cooked" long enough to kill the seeds. We've had to get two yard waste containers to hold it all. I lost one rose bush, but there are a couple others that are struggling. The rest are coming around but I had to cut them way back.
Lulu2U2 replied: on 06/06/11