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How do you plant spinach seeds?

by GardenQueen

I love spinach and would like to grow it year round. I have such a hard time getting them started from seeds. I buy new seeds and use seed starting soil and water regularly but my spinach seeds never come up. What am I doing wrong?


spinach, Seed starting


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
Spinach works best planted in cool weather... sowing seeds as early in the spring as you can work the soil. They can be sowed directly in your garden bed outside. In the heat of the summer, spinach doesn&#x27;t work so well. In terms of seeds not germinating, one problem people run into is not planting the seed deep enough. Also, don&#x27;t let the soil dry out - best to keep continuously moist during germination. For year-round growing, hydroponics might be an interesting way to go, though I have never tried that personally! Hope that helps and good luck!
chief cultivator commented on 03/23/11