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Gardening season is almost here!

by FigTree

I am excited about my second year in the world of gardening and have decided to go for a theme in my garden beds this year!

I love a good theme and this year it is going to be the year of asian greens.  I have been working hard all winter long to perfect a few asian dishes as I am obsessed with the flavors of lemongrass, chili pepper, and sesame oil.  YUM!!!  I have to give myself some props and tell you about the tea leaf spring rolls, spicy hot and sour shrimp soup, and coutless stirfries I have been making... soooooo good!  I have decided to dedicate my vegetable garden beds to asian greens so I will be forced to continue into this culinary adventure.



I bought these Kitazawa Seed Co. seeds ( Tatsoi, Mei Qing Choi, and Chinese Cabbage from Seeds of Change) at the most amazing grocery store in Seattle called Uwajimaya.  If you ever get yourself out this way, you must stop in and just peruse through the hundreds of different types of soy sauces, noodle bowls, and the most beautiful and exotic looking vegetables and fruits out there. 

I started seeds last year in tiny little pots, but life has gotten complicated so there is less time and patience, but I still have a serious desire for fresh vegetables, so I will direct sow this year into my sweet little 4' X 4' beds and the one long bed my husband made last year using permaculture practices.  I scoffed at his techniques, but let me tell you, that bed worked out the best out of all of them.  Don't tell him I said that!

Would love to hear what everyone else's plan is for this year's gardening season!  Let the party start!


asian greens, raised vegetable garden beds, seeds


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
What fun! Themes for gardens. Mine would have to be salsa and other than that, just a duke&#x27;s mixture of beans, carrots and etc. Going to dig a couple rows even tho it&#x27;s still not &#x27;safe&#x27; today and get the snow peas started. I have to get out in the dirt. That&#x27;s all there is to it. <br/> <br/>
vetch commented on 04/07/11
I hear you just to get out there! The weather has been absolutely terrible here and every time I want to go in the garden it is raining... hopefully it will turn around. :)
FigTree replied: on 04/08/11
Wow! Good for you. I have to admit, the CSA box gave us so much bok choi, I just could&#x27;t stand any more of it. If you have some good recipes, I&#x27;d love one or two! My asian cuisine is complicated because I am allergic to soy.... :( Have you grown lemon grass - I had it at another house - it&#x27;s HUGE. <br/> <br/>As far at the garden this year - I have about 50 tomato seedlings coming up to be planted this spring. Bruce rebuilt our garden (just finished today) so I will post some photos of the completed project in a post this week. I am looking forward to planting onions, potatoes, parsley soon and tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and squash when it warms up.
brazos commented on 02/14/11
Bok Choi and tofu are a big dinner staple in our house as my kids actually eat it! Other than that I love to make hot and sour soups with greens in them, as well as put asian greens into salads chopped. So good! A little ginger dressing, and it is really a great go-to with some pot stickers.
FigTree replied: on 04/08/11