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Indoor Grow Lights for Your Garden

by The Big Tomato (The Big Tomato)

Grow Lights Allow Year Round Gardening Fun!

The key to a good garden is knowing the light requirements of your plants. After you know that, choosing the right light system is easy.

Grow Lights for Your Garden

          Choosing the right grow lights for your plants is important. One of the key elements to a fruitful and productive garden is the photosynthesis that takes place when light is absorbed by your plant. The light that you provide for your plant will equate to the amount of energy your plants have to use for converting carbon dioxide into organic compounds which is essential to healthy plant growth.

           The purpose of a grow light is to mimic the outdoor light conditions of the sun. The specific light needs of your plants will vary based on what type of natural light your plant is most accustomed too. For example, vegetable plants that you need to

            You must remember, the larger your plants get, the more light they require to grow. If there is not enough light for your plant, then there is not enough energy for your plant to grow, regardless of any other conditions or provisions made.

            The most commonly used lights for professional indoor gardening of flowers and vegetables would be the high intensity discharge (HID) lamps.  These can come in either high pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH). The decision on which to use is based on which end of the light spectrum your plants require. The full range of grow light bulbs that are used in today’s indoor gardens include the following:


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