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Grow Lights

by earthworm

Growlights get the gardening season off to an early start!

Defy the gray-days of winter and set up a little sunlight in your own home.

So what if it's cold and gray outdoors? You can make your own light and sprout some fun with grow lights! You can grow seedlings as well as offer a sunny retreat to light-hungry plants such as orchids and African violets.




Sunlight in a tube

Grow lights imitate the rays of sunlight and allow you to grow plants indoors. Natural light is made up of a spectrum of colors and plants need certain colors of light to grow. Red light helps plants have long-lasting flowers. Blue light helps the plants grow vigorous and stocky. In fact, grow lights approximate the same levels of the spectrum of natural light and actually fool plants into thinking they are basking in real sunlight.


Getting starting with grow lights

Grow lights are fluorescent bulbs. And although you can purchase these bulbs from your local home improvement center, grow light systems make growing plants indoors much more convenient, because they have built in area for plants, trays that hold water, and some models have wheels so that they can be moved from room to room. You can buy a premium set-up that includes a stand with tiered lighting. Two-, three-, and four-tiered stands allow lots of surface area for growing and provide room for both seed-starting flats and houseplants. For small-space seed starters, try a tabletop model (in the photo above) that should easily accommodate four flats of seeds. Standard lighting includes two-bulb fixtures. High intensity optionsfeature fixtures with four bulbs.


Grow light tips

For seedlings and houseplants, the two-bulb fixture is sufficient. If you are growing more light-hungry plants, such as orchids, you may want to invest in the four-bulb models. 
· You should place grow lights a minimum of 2 feet from seedlings. 
· Adjust the height of the lights as the plants grow. 
· Keep growlights on for about 16 hours a day.


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