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The Advantages of Artificial Grass

by jensmith

Artificial Grass Example from EverLawn

There are a large number of benefits in installing artificial grass of which the reasons for installing are varied.

Obviously you don't need to spend as much time on the upkeep of an artificial lawn. With fake grass you can simply enjoy sitting out in the sun and enjoying the little sun we get rather than spending that valuable time mowing and trimming your garden. Perfect for busy professionals and families and a life line for the elderly who find the upkeep of a lawn too much. Why should you forgo the look and versatility of a lawn all because the maintenance is too much to cope with?

From an environmental point of view, artificial grass has a number of benefits. The biggest being the need not to water. Although most people are very aware of water conservation, the temptation to water a brown, scorched lawn is all too big. It is predicted that hose pipe bans will become more and more frequent as the need for water increases and we have warmer summers. Then there is the fact that artificial lawns require no trimming so the need for petrol or electric lawnmowers is eradicated saving fuel, emissions and electricity.

Whether it’s on a lawn, on plants or when growing vegetables, the use of fertilisers is getting less and less. Artificial grass, of course, does not require any fertiliser or chemicals. Mossy grass is a thing of the past.

A reason often not thought of initially but that is becoming more and more common is the use of artificial grass in small gardens. A small yet maintained garden can encounter difficulties of trying to cut the grass with a lawn mower due to the impracticality of such a small area. An edge strimmer has been known to be tried but this looked very uneven and messy. The final straw is by cutting the grass with a pair of hedge cutters but this is frankly quite unreasonable and completely wastes time. Artificial grass is the ideal solution.

Another situation that is occurring more and more now is the appearance of roof terraces. Roof terraces are a much sought after way of having outside space, in a city especially. The problem is these areas can be dark and concreted. Laying artificial grass creates instant green and most importantly requires no maintenance.

Second homeowners are also on the up and artificial grass is a very useful product for them as well both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Some examples of the benefits are as follows:

1.    There gardens do not have to be maintained while their properties are rented out or unoccupied.
2.    Some have just wanted the artificial grass around their pool area because it gets muddy with natural grass.
3.    Developers often fit artificial grass outside their show apartments and villas, which have inspired prospective purchasers.
4.    Water is always in short supply, so artificial grass is always more practical in this type of climate.

These are just some of the domestic advantages of artificial lawn but commercially there are so many obvious advantages for having a virtually maintenance free and durable synthetic surface.


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I used to think that home use of artificial turf was the silliest thing i ever heard of. However, after droughts and water bills, I am not sure of that position any more!! Friends of ours in Arizona said folks were using it there.
gardengirl commented on 01/27/11
This would be perfect for those Los Angeles Lawns! Green all the time and not depleting the water sources.
FigTree commented on 01/26/11
Some of the newer stuff fools me! It is not your grandfather's "astroturf" anymore.
cajunbarry commented on 01/26/11
Thanks for this piece on artificial lawns... I have a small patch of grass in my yard (I converted most of my lawn to gardens), and I have often thought it's a total pain, and may be time to get rid of it; but I like the green... Something to think about! Thanks...
chief cultivator commented on 01/26/11