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Cedar Fence/Vine Support

by Phillip Clark (photoclark)

Orchard Fence
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Rustic cedar fence to define front edge of fruit trees and to support hardy kiwi vine, and arbor for wedding and future garden use.

Had a beautiful weekend here in Louisiana so I decided to make use of some cedar trees my father-in-law cut down to build an arbor for my nieces wedding and a fence to help define the front edge of my small fruit orchard I have planted. I am also planting hardy kiwi vine on the fence and will control it with proper pruning (I hope). The fruit trees are outlined on the back and sides with Ilex verticillata (Winterberry) for fall color and photography props. I am going to mulch the entire area with ground up pine cones I can get for FREE.



The arbor will come back from the wedding and fit in the gap between the fence panels.

The Arbor took about two hours to build and the fence was a six-hour day because I had to cut each piece as I hodge-podged it together






Cedar, fence, recycle, arbor


I love this fence- so cool! I love the idea of recycling old things to make new ones... beautiful! :)
FigTree commented on 01/26/11
Thanks chief. The problem is the beginning to the solution. I have way too much space to landscape and too little money to do it other than recycling everything I can. <br/> <br/>I have a friend with wood mill that I get wood planks from, another that has a hardwood seed farm (ground pine cones for mulch), horse farms (manure compost). . . and I hate to throw anything away.
photoclark commented on 01/26/11
Phillip, you should start a garden art, arbor and container company :-). Your designs and projects are very inspiring... Thanks for sharing!
chief cultivator commented on 01/25/11