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2011 Plant Catalogs: Luscious Poppies from Annie

by Cliff Sharples (chief cultivator)

Papaver 'Danebrog' Poppy
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Poppies from Annie's Annuals & Perennials are as seductive as any bloom I've come across!!

I love this time of year, as catalogs and emails deliver plant catalogs filled with so many temptations and potential adoptees for my garden. One of the best sources for unusual plants is Annie's Annuals & Perennials. This is a plant collection that feels as curated as any great art collection. Combine that with high quality plants, great photography and brilliant prose and you're sucked in!


Annie's Double Poppies 

My favorite plants from Annie are her poppies. The collection includes blooms that are more reminiscent of bold peonies or exotic dahlias... Here are a few of my favorite, ready to ship out to my garden!


Papaver 'Danebrog'


Papaver 'Danebrog' available here from Annies!

How can you NOT plant this one? Truly a show-stopper... Annie puts it like this: "The day the buds unfurl your voice will go up two octaves and your heart will swell with joy!" I'll take 5, please!!


Papver 'Drama Queen'


Papver 'Drama Queen' available here from Annie's!

These beauties look like they could inspire a Cirque du Soliel set! I love the fringed detail and the lace stamens... With blooms that reach 4-5" across, these are sure to set a magnificent stage in your garden.


Papver 'Venus'


Papver 'Venus' available here from Annies!

This is the 'Globemaster' Allium of the poppy world! Giant pink heads earn the title "super double" and will be sure crowd pleasers as they reach up to 4' tall.


Papver 'Sugar Plum'


Papver 'Sugar Plum' available here from Annies!

These lilac colred semi-doubles remind me of a dutch master painting. I'm thinking paired with a low, grey foliaged lavender... now if I could just figure out where!


Check out the whole Annie's Annuals & Perennials Collection here!

And remember, as soon as you can work your soil, or live in a more temperate western climate, it's time to plant your poppies to ensure massive plants and maximum-sized blooms. Also, use rich soil and choose a sunny location... and of course, leave some growing room, because many of these plants re-seed and spread!


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Love these poppies... so cool- don't you have drama queen in your garden?? Love them all!
FigTree commented on 01/21/11
Those poppies are awesome, thank for sharing. <br/>Happy New Year, Y&#x27;all! <br/>Barry
cajunbarry commented on 01/21/11
Happy New Year to you too Barry! Hope all is well in your world... Are you still busy rocking out designs? Hey, we're ALL coming to Austin the first week in April... let us know if you'll be around!
chief cultivator replied: on 01/21/11