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Is it ok to transplanting Oak Leaf Hydrangeas in January?

by Sprout

Would it be ok to transplant Oak Leaf Hydrangeas in January?  I'm in zone 7 (Alabama).



Yes it is okay to transplant them in Jauary,but you must make sure you get all the air out of the ground surrounding it's roots. To do this you water it till it's "MUD". If there is air pockets near the roots it can cause damage to the plant.
Sandy's Gardens and More commented on 04/19/12
I would imagine that once they lose their leaves and go 'dormant', it is safe to move and transplant oakleaf hydrangeas. Oakleaf hydrangea is actually native to the deep south and are deciduous shrubs.I would tend to do it now through mid-February, while the plants are in dormancy. Once buds start to swell and sprout it will be getting too late in the year, and the plant could be stressed by trying to sprout new leaves without the roots being established.Adding root stimulant when you plant would be a good amendment to encourage new strong root growth, but they are tough plants overall.
cajunbarry commented on 01/21/11
Thanks cajunberry!
Sprout replied: on 01/22/11
HGi Sprout! OK, I asked a few of my gardening buddies, and the consensus is that it mayb e a little early... Once there is NO fear of frost, I think you could do it. In your area, maybe in February (late?). Of course, oak leaf hydrangeas can handle some cold, so that's not too much of a problem in general. Also, remember that these plants DO NOT like wet feet... so, in the winter where there's more rain (at least that's the case up here in Seattle!), excellent drainage is essential for these guys! Good luck!
chief cultivator commented on 01/11/11