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Funny Cut Christmas Tree Video

by Stephanie Fleming (sflem1)

<br/>Here is a video you really MUST SEE- <br/>Randy helps you choose the BEST cut Christmas tree for your home decorating in a slightly &quot;Over The Top&quot; fashion that only he can deliver. This one is sure to give you a laugh. Please leave us a comment tell us what you think! <br/> <br/>

This is a short funny video I wanted to share with everyone and get their thoughts.


Christmas Tree, Funny, garden center


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
I was just at Behnke&#x27;s last weekend to pick up some succulents from the greenhouse. It&#x27;s a really great local garden centre here in the DC area--but I really thought better of them in terms of advertising! It&#x27;s hilarious, though. :P I wouldn&#x27;t buy a cut tree, but I admire their bravery in posting that!
indoorgarden_er commented on 12/20/10