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Container Gardening | A quick tutorial from Renee's Garden

by dig the dirt editor

Use these five tips from Renee's Garden for growing a great garden in containers. It is really all you need to know!

Remember when you are growing your garden in containers the plants will need more attention than plants in the ground, as they rely solely on the gardener for all their needs.  Confined to a limited space, they will quickly become stressed if essential water or fertilizer isn't available regularly.  It's not hard to provide a good growing environment; just remember the essentials:

  • properly drained soil mix
  • adequate and regular supplemental fertilizer
  • enough but not too much water
  • the right amount of light
  • some protection from temperature extremes


basil, 'italian cameo'



Don't use garden soil for containers - it just doesn't work as well as a good container mix that will give the best drainage, is free of weeds and pests and won't compact into a rock-hard mass that water can't penetrate.  It's always a good idea to replenish the soil mix for containers each season to ensure the best conditions for your plants.



Containers can be almost anything that strikes your fance, from specially purchased clay or polyresin pots, wine barrels, plastic and pressed paper pulp containers, wooden planters or even large drain tiles you may have around.  Make sure you use a large enough container to accomodate the growing needs of your plants for root space, drainage,and good air and water circulation.



Consider your container plants as design elements of your "outdoor rooms" - move them around through the season and place them where you'll enjoy them most.  Place the leafy containers on your patio and lawn chairs where you walk in and out every day to delight in the senses throughout the gardening season.


Explore the online catalogue of seeds for your container garden at Renee's Garden!


Container Gardening, renee's garden


Renee's Garden has a lot of useful information on its site. I have Italian Cameo from Renee, but let me tell you, it doesn't grow well without light! I don't know how it ended up on the floor under the shelf, but the seedlings died pretty quickly there.
indoorgarden_er commented on 12/21/10